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Our Far Frontiers Aethros supplement is one of the most detailed we’ve launched from a planetary system perspective. With that comes issues around classifying the specifications, and the tools we’ve used to create the material. This become important when used for other RPGs.

I’ll just briefly talk about a few of the issues here.

The specifications presented are based somewhat on older theories of planetary system formation and the software owes it’s lineage to the accrete program from the 20th century. As such it doesn’t quite fit the emerging view as we discover exoplanets and the strange systems detected that don’t fit the model found on which accrete was founded. This doesn’t mean it produces systems that are wrong - just ones that conform to a model more like our own solar system.

To be honest systems like this are more likely to be attractive targets for terrestrial colonial habitation because they can form systems more like our own.

Depending on what system you might be using, the classifications for the worlds in the Aethros system may differ to that presented in the supplement.

Some generation systems may classify Aethros-6 as Venusian, Authors 9 as an ice world (ie not terrestrial) and Aethros 12 as Martian. Even Aethros 15 and the outer moons might be classified as rock worlds by some generators. These were certainly the case in the original system generation software we used - one of the reasons we’ve used it with caution, and undertaken creative licence to modify details and used other tools to create maps and views of the worlds and moons.

Even the boundaries between gravity classifications might be different, as definitions for Low and High gravity may vary, bounding the range of what might be considered normal.

Aethros-2 is on bottom boundary for Normal-G in FSpaceRPG and according to some systems would be classified as Low-G. Aethros-6, while listed in the supplement as Normal-G is was noted as Low-G by the generator (different classification scales).

FSpaceRPG does have a loose classification system to turn specs into classifications - those classifications are found in most rulebooks, but aren’t detailed enough regardign specification to classification mapping. We are still reviewing how the specs should map, and will get some information out soon.

The world maps were done with software that generates flat map projections for wrapping and rendering a sphere. Those texture maps tend to be somewhat dark and we’ve had to lighten them up somehat for the isohedral projections. In may cases they will be somewhat dark to draw all over.

I felt it would be a nice touch to deliver something visually interesting to look at. GMs can provide simplistic maps to suit their particular gaming needs.

The other problem we had was when we produced the isohedral maps. PResenting the top and bottom row of triangles without distorting meant using a warp technique that does cut out some of the texture. If you ever saw the flat projections with the isohedral, you’ll notice the difference.

Compromises and creative licence is needed to get past tool limitations and deliver something workable.

At a later date we may deliver a presentation of flat and isohedral maps together along with bigger view renders comapred to the smaller ones seen in the book next to each map. We’ll gauge demand for that in the coming weeks.

Given all this I hope users of Aethros enjoy it and forgive us our creative licence.

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