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New Zealand became one of the first non-superpower countries with a commercial space launch capability in the early 21st century.

On 21st January 2018, Rocket Labs, a commercial space operator launched an Electron rocket into orbit and deployed several commercial satellite payloads, including a small short term satellite designed by Rocket Labs itself.

Rocket Labs was set up by a Kiwi (New Zealander) with a visions and expanded to have operations around the world.

The launch facility at Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand was the first launch facility used by Rocket Labs for the Electron Rocket and the first orbital launch from New Zealand. Rocket Labs was only the second commercial space operator to deliver orbital launch rockets and use them.

This event was to pave the way for the space capabilities of the amalgamated Oceania in the 22nd century, and also played a part in the defence of Earth during the Mech Assault in the mid 21st century.

As a game designer it is great to have the real world sometimes deliver events that dovetail nicely into future history. And it is especially pleasing to have it happen in our own backyard. When I starting designing FED/FSpace I originally predicted Australia would have commercial launch operations first, and it to be the hub of Oceanian spaceport operations due to it, it’s larger industrial base and plenty of empty land. Isn’t life wonderful to deliver my own country a place in space history.

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