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Here is s nifty tool for planet builders to figure out the essential dimensions of a planet (assumed to be a sphere) based on one value - including some values for isohedral game mapping.

Circle Area
Sphere Surface
Sphere Volume
Hex size
Isohedral triangle

Units of measurement are agnostic. If you an enter a value for miles, all results are in miles (squared and cubed where relevant). So it is can handle mm, cm, inches, km, miles etc.

This calculator will work out the radius of a circle, the diameter of a circle, the area of a circle, the surface area of a sphere, the volume of a sphere, the length of a triangle edge and the size of a hex using any of those values as a starting point. Simply enter the desired value in the relevant box. This calculator only uses numbers, so only enter numbers in fields (e.g. enter 13000 not 1300 km). When you have entered the number that you know, click the button on the right of that box to calculate all the other values. For example, if you know the volume of a sphere enter the value into the bottom box and then click the calculate button at bottom right.

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