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Merry Xmas to all our customers, authors, contributors and supporters.

We’ve had a wonderful year and wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

During this year we launched SeaLion Supremacy our tabletop World War 2 naval wargame and continued to expand on generic supplements, more tabletop resources and of course launch our FSpaceRPG Living Rulebook.

Over the festive season there are plenty of sales and promotions going on, both froaml ones by OneBookshelf on RPGnow, WargamesVault and DrivethruRPG, but also some organised by us.

This year we’ve returns our Xmas Bundle at RPGNow that includes the FSpaceRPG Living Rulebook along with some additional supplements containing material not found in the Living Rulebook. Get the bundle for less than the Living Rulebook. This is a great buy given the Living Rulebook is an evolving publication that will keep expanding into the future.

So check out the Xmas bundle now.

And just in time for Xmas, we launched our Xmas Kiddy counters, so you can have children firendly tabletop gaming.

Look out for our exciting new products in 2018. Have a safe and fun festive season.

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