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Over the weekend, we’ve removed all our Android Ebook Apps from the Google Play Store.

We’ve discovered that these apps do not work on Android 7 & 8 devices, and the Play Store software doesn’t recognise this, allowing people to download, install and attempt to run these apps.

As a company we aren’t responsible for the coding of this solution, and used a product from appmk.com to create them. The latest version of this builder software coupled with the latest Android SDK tools from Google do not solve this problem, meaning the apps only work on up to Android 6.

These apps weren’t particularly successful in the marketplace anyone, with only a small handful sold across 2013 - 2016.

We’ve decided to pull the apps rather than disappoint future customers.

For those who purchased them and want to use them on newer Android devices, we apologise. We’ve approach appmk.com with our problem and asked if they will remedy this. I’ll post an article here regarding their response if they do get back to us.

In the meantime, the Google Play Store does stock normal ebook products from us, and we’ll expanding our range in the future. Ebooks formats are stabler and better supported than mobile apps which is proving to be a transient phenomena, whether on Android or other platforms.

We’d like to thank those customers who did buy Android ebook app products.

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