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The design of the Zhenzhu class fits into FSpaceRPG and overview specifications are provided in the supplement along with a background for use in the existing timeline of the universe. The naming presented in the main write, and as counters can be used for the Chinese naval forces. Those that get used by other nations will use their native language version of the naming conventions.

The deckplans presented in the supplement are based on a 1m square grid scale which is compatible with FSpaceRPG, but plans need to be printed larger to make the 3/4 inch scale used by the FSpaceRPG tabletop accessories.

It is important to note that the technologic design in terms of the Cepheus specifications don’t map directly onto FSpaceRPG - nuclear damper screen technology is not something mainstream - the FSpaceRPG specs reflect this by replacing these with plasma-magnetic shields. Engine exhaust or special sandcaster loads can be used to add special particle protection into the magnetic shield envelope of this vessel. Reflective sub-surface coating adds to the AR of the main hull - and any other defensive measure. GM Hyperdrives and Jump drive ratings roughly match each other on a point scale - the Anderson governor being something known to Terrans that gives a consistent small range boost. The computer model spec is not an exact match - The model in the FSpaceRPG specification is a rough price equivalent to that designed for Cepheus. Software is not specified and can be detailed by the GM.

The history of the class presented in the main writeup doesn’t exactly match the future timeline for FSpaceRPG - aka the long night, pocket empires and the like. GMs are advised to feature the Zhenzhu as consistent with the future history campaign they do run. Official material will be made available regarding the Zhenzhu at some point in the future.

An interesting plot idea is the idea of the Chinese trying to market this vessel to Oceania. While the larger founding nations like Australia and New Zealand adopted British derived Orion frigate and destroyer classes, the Chinese government will hold out some hope of successful sales - especially as Oceania head in a direction away from their traditional American and European allies.

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