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Apple has moved to a mandatory requirement for Apps to be 64bit and also have laid out other requirements to keep iOS apps available in the store.

A few months ago, Apple removed from availability several of our older ebooks apps. After reviewing sales performance and understanding cost vs benefit of maintaining these titles, we’ve decided not to modernise most of them.

Current versions in possession by customers already will work for now until Apple stops with warnings messages and moved to halt them from working - something we expect later this year with iOS 11.

The titles affected are:

  • FSpace Roleplaying Reference Manual v2.1
  • FSpaceDice
  • FSpace SkillCheck (The XL version of this app remains available - delivering same features)
  • FSpace Roleplaying Psionic System v1.1
  • FSpace Roleplaying Robot Guide v1
  • FSpace Roleplaying Equipment Resource v1.2
  • FSpace Roleplaying Library Data 2177AD

All this material was already moved 2 years ago into our Space Roleplaying Game iOS app, which we do intend to maintain into the future.

We believe the best strategy for serving customers to offer conventional ebooks at OneBookshelf (RPGNOW, DrivethruRPG), Paizo, Google Play Store Books, iBookstore and other ebooks venders offers normal ebook file formats.

For iOS we want to move towards supporting a single game app with heaps of book content, interactive tools and other value additives to enrich the experience, and make it more economical to provide sustainable support into the future.

Our utility titles for name generators and other gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, astronomy etc will continue to be supported and hopefully grown into the future. Our ebook app strategy is not linked to our app utility strategy in regards to deprecation.

Most of the titles currently being removed have only ever sold a few dozen copies over their 5-9 lifespan they have been available. Other similar single book titles currently offered in paid - not free formats also rate this lowly for unit sales. At the time of their launch they were an experiment, and a means of bridging a gap that existed on iPhones, as the iBookstore was not originally in existence when these titles were launched.

We’d like to thank customers for buying our products, and we encourage any of them who have not checked out the OneBookshelf network (RPGNOW, DrivethruRPG) to do so, where you’ll find a wider range of titles, and a number of free ones to help you transition to an ebook collection.

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