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Status: Official

It is time to make some upgrades to this website.

I find myself at a loose end right now, with plenty of time to review and prioritise some long overdue upgrades to this website. Hopefully I’ll also get to finish off the last upgrade from 4 years ago. As some will notice deep inside the site, the old design templates are still in use.

To kick off the changes I’ve spent some time working on modernising the icons used for favicon, iOS, OSX, Android, Windows tiles etc. Hopefully they add a higher resolution result when you add these sites to the homescreen of your devices.

In the future I hope to sort out a responsive design for mobile usage - the site has been using a desktop design since it began in the 1990s. Hopefully I can get enough time to make this is a great experience on the web for all platforms and stop people relying on the iOS-only RSS app I put out years ago - which has no search capabilities or category organisation hierarchy.

If people want to let me know what you want to see on the website, let me know via the site contact form.

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