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I’d like to start by first thanking all the FSpace guys for turning up and supporting the event. I’d also like to thank vendors and individuals for providing stock.

As it turned out 2, and almost 3 vendors did as well as FSpace Publications did.

Although we shipped FSpace to more people, the sales number were low, and needed the price point to make the sales.

We clearly identified many product areas, and would have done okay if we had the same margins as typical retailers at those events.

As it turned out we only pulled in revenue for FSpace Publications to pay for half the stand cost, without other costs taken into account.

Our sales volume per visitor to the con was about 60% higher than Auckland, but in the end, profitability could not be achieved.

Repeat attendance at Auckland and even Wellington in the future does not appear to be an option.

Given the lack of interest in CDROMs and in wirebound books, it seems unlikely that any more significant stock can be moved in the next 12 months.

I believe it’s fair to say we have several thousand dollars worth of dead stock.

I have made a deal with MagnumMac to give away 200 CDs as part of their iMac and iBook sales next month. I believe this will help clean my house out, and dispose of the stock in a meaningful way.

I will be looking at giveway opportunities in foreign locations.

I now must focus my attention on other activities other than RPGs by which to gain money to cope with the debts, and pay the remainder of you off.

Thanks for your support.

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