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We’ve withdrawn some of our Android Ebook Apps from circulation. These include:

  • FSpaceRPG Psionics 1999
  • FSpaceRPG Equipment Guide v1.2
  • FSpaceRPG Equipment Resource v1
  • FSpaceRPG Library Data v1
  • FSpaceRPG Reference Manual 2

Newer versions of each ebook exists in the GooglePlay Store as another app edition. So these versions are surplus to requirements. Only a single copy of the Psionics title and the Resource Guide v1 were ever purchased, while the others have never sold - insufficient for viability to maintain them in the market, or offer future updates.

Android Ebook Apps, like our iOS Ebook Apps are not a popular choice with the emergence of the likes of the iBookStore and GoogleBooks. We’ve previously thinned out our iOS offerings, we are just culling some of the Androids the same way.

For gamers, the OneBookShelf network of ebook stores just as RPGNOW, Wargames Vault and DrivethruRPG are more relevant to our gaming ebooks.

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