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During our anniversary members of the development team elsewhere in the world remembered their participation and sent messages to those gathering in Wellington.

Robert remarked that over 25 years, its been 2 countries later and lots has happened. He tried to recall the start of the game and tried to think back to 1986-1988, our days back at College when the seeds of the game were developing in our normal roleplaying lives.

Robert hoisted a celebration beer in the City of York Pub in London about 12 hours later than the Wellington crowd. But we did notice the organic wheat beer - a good choice given we also enjoyed locally brewed craft wheat beers for most of the day.

Aaron, currently based in Canada remarked how much time has passed and how old it made him feel. He said is was wonderful how long the game had been going, like some ‘alien germinating spore’ and couldn’t wait to meet up with the guys back here and finally have time to play a module… something we collectively hadn’t done in a very long time.

Aaron sent his congrats on hearing of the presentation of awards to Stephen and Philip.

Philip Warnes on seeing the photo of Stephen accepted his award in his absence, passed on his thanks and had a few words to say ‘The last 25 years have been very interesting. The gaming industry has really changed from a print only style to now include all types of media. Its been a pleasure and an honor to be part of this, both as a consumer and as a writer. Its been a privilege to be writing rpg material in such interesting times.’

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