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A paid long-run article on our website will cost USD $480 per annum (or USD $50 per month for shorter terms), paid by Paypal. Article goes live once payment is received.

An long-run article can be up to 3000 words long, and we also support 5 keywords, 20 word meta summary sentence and a header and footer image (500 pixels wide) and some other meta data field requirements. The main article body can include hyperlinks to other sites.

The long-run article will appear directly on our homepage for at least 1 day. Its lifetime there will depend on when our next article gets published. It will appear on the right hand recent list and ‘New’ article page lists until it is supplanted by enough subsequent articles. It also appears in our RSS feed under the same conditions (and in our iOS RSS app, and OS X RSS Dashboard widget).

Once the display term of the article has ended, the article remains on our system for 30 days pending paid renewal, which is cheaper for annual renewal based on where it is in the date sequence.

The article will clearly display that it is a paid advertorial.

There are some conditions however:

  • The article must not make reference to FSpace Publications, our products, staff etc, or make any inference that we endorse the content, organisations, products or people mentioned. Endorsement based advertising is a very different proposition
  • No products or services competing with ours (this is completely at our discretion however)
  • Content must not discredit, compare or mention other advertisers or sponsors appearing on our site.
  • No pornography or sexual services
  • No vapourware, malware, spyware or similar products and services
  • No animal cruelty
  • No gambling, lottery, casino or similar content or sites
  • No child or slave labour - or products or services deemed by us to be supported by such practices
  • No criminal activity endorsement or businesses supporting such actions
  • No ponzi schemes
  • No pyramid schemes
  • No profanity
  • No legal or investment advice unless author is appropriately New Zealand qualified, registered and declares according to current New Zealand requirements
  • No ethnic or cultural slander, abuse, criticism or hate speech
  • No political opinion unless with a verified Political organisation - and we agree to it, and it obeys electoral rules for the resident country in question
  • No misleading consumers or businesses regarding products or services on offers
  • No redirecting any links included to different sites with substantial differing content at a later date (thus changing the initial purpose and intent of the article)
  • No contravening New Zealand advertising standards, copyright, privacy or other applicable laws regarding the nature and content of the advert
  • Article must clearly state the source of the paid advert and provide a link to a webpage of that originator (we have specific field support for that)
  • The images supplied must be JPEG, PNG, GIF and must not be animated, contain transparencies or try to make themselves merge into the page - we may request a 1 pixel border be applied to the images.
  • Images supplied must be owned or licensed by the advertiser. We require particular meta data for each image
  • Images supplied are loaded from our server
  • No side loading content from other servers
  • No CSS markup
  • No javascript
  • No event triggers (onclick etc)
  • A HREFs using http or https links are acceptable and may use title and alt tags only. Links must set target=”_blank”
  • Destination pages must not try to mimic our website or claim to be affiliated with us, or use a subdomain as to be misleading for the same purpose
  • HTML markup of article must fit within our structure, not use any width properties on elements or other mechanisms to cause out layout templates to not function as intended.
  • Acceptable HTML tag sets include: p, br, b, i, ul, ol, li, emphasis and strong
  • Text copy must be written in well crafted ‘plain’ English and be deemed acceptable quality by our editorial panel
  • Excluding any other condition we must deem the article acceptable for display on our site.

We reserve the right to remove the article from availability should we find any violation of our terms, the laws of our country (New Zealand) or receive legal takedown notices from New Zealand Courts, New Zealand Police, other New Zealand government agencies, foreign national court orders, DCMA takedown notices, etc. Payments for the article will not be refunded in the event of legal takedown requests, or the advertiser is found to violate one of our own terms.

You will be asked to sign and return an agreement, once we have viewed the presented article, imagery, meta data and inspected the websites it may link to.

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