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In a country far, far away, the creator of FSpaceRPG goes to see a movie about a galaxy, far, far away….

That’s right, I’m off to The Force Awakens today.

I’m a long time fan, and FSpaceRPG owes some of its influence to Star Wars, so it was good to have the franchise given a fresh coat of paint.

Rather than try and go OTT, and branch off with some other unusual story, TFA just kept to the basics, with aspects paying homage to A New Hope and toning down some of the quasi-religious Jedi/Force rubbish that has been dominating the franchise, particularly in the animated series in recent times.

This movie just did the basics well, delivered an enjoyable 3D experience and set the stage for what we hope will be great follow on movies.

I also enjoy seeing the old hands reprise their roles, and was very pleased to see Mark Hamill back - he should keep the beard… looks good on him.

For fans new and old, go see the film….. and to see Stormtroopers and R2D2 at the White House on the news.. priceless.

Oh and the art for this article.. done by me 10 years ago as a personal project for an invitation to a movie night to watch the trilogy back in the day.

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