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FSpace Publications has been a long time fan of Filemaker and its cross platform abilities. This website ran up until the mid 2000s on a Filemaker engine, we used it for our invoicing and stock database, and even delivered products using it’s runtime engine - mainly the AnimalsDB that is available on the OneBookShelf network.

Over the years we’ve been moving toward more open source software use and Filemaker was left us a tool we’d use now and then to deliver a Windows & OSX app. The AnimalsDB product being the only one currently available.

AnimalsDB was built using Filemaker 9 - so its now somewhat old - amazing how time files. We haven’t tested it either on Windows 10 or OSX 10.11, but will do that at some point over the Xmas break.

Unfortunately Filemaker has deprecated the Runtime feature in Filemaker 14 which is a bit of a blow if we ever wanted to update our software.

There is also no real migration path. Some developers are recommending switching to Xojo (nee: RealBasic) and using that to hook into a Filemaker backed server - not exactly the same as a standalone runtime package. We’ve certainly used Xojo a lot in recent years - as I’ve contracted to New Zealand’s MetService where it remains in use by one of their Mac using business units. However for our firm that technology makes no real sense since we are use a mix of Swift, Objective-C & Javascript for our other software products - we just need to find a great way to deliver Windows & OSX software without branching away from these languages.

For those interested in understanding how Xojo and Filemaker can be integrated, check out: http://info.xojo.com/ios-and-filemaker.

Look for a future update article from us regarding our AnimalsDB current OS compatibility.

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