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In recent weeks there have been discussions about getting rid of Adobe Flash because of the raft of critical vulnerabilities being discovered, many of which are getting exploited.

It was reported by Appleinsider that Facebook’s Chief Security Officer has actively spoken out about the problem and called for browser manufacturers to kill off the ability of Flash to function, and for Adobe to officially grandfather it out of existence.

Mozilla took some active steps and stopped all current versions of Flash from running in their Firefox browser. This step is designed to protect users from serious harm, until Adobe can deliver some version that isn’t such a threat to individuals and businesses.

Some in the Apple Mac community have been discussing the implications and advising users not to install Flash, or remove it, if they have it.

Here at FSpace Publications we’ve actively used Flash on the website for book flippers and image galleries in the past, and we intend to audit out current website and remove any of our 1st party implementations of Flash. As of this evening we’ve also uninstalled the Flash plugins from our own production Macs, not only protecting us, but also any data we hold about other businesses or individuals. We feel strongly about protecting privacy and when serious security issues are presented and there are clear steps to remedy them, we will.

Unfortunately Google still uses Flash on their Ad serving systems. If you get rid of Flash, Google will serve, txt, HTML or JPEG/GIF adverts instead - less nasty, and still giving us some revenue for content and traffic costs associated with serving the content.

We’d like to call out to Adobe to announce the EOL of Flash and get rid of it in the next 24 months.

We also support Facebook’s courage in coming out and confronting the problem and calling for an end to Flash. We support browser manufacturers blocking it forever.

We ask that the W3C focus their efforts on defining HTML 5.1 and beyond to include the standards needed to replace Flash’s features fully.

And we call out to Google and other advert vendors to get their act into gear and grandfather Flash Adverts and incentivise advertisers to move their creative workflows off Flash and onto HTML5.

Adobe isn’t gong to really miss out from this - they’ve got great HTML5 webtools - and concentrating their efforts on multiple deliverable platforms will actually boost the usefulness of their tools to us, not divide us between Flash and HTML5.

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