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In recent weeks we’ve been rushing through upgrades of all our current iOS apps to have their upgrades done for iOS 8.1 and 64bit compliance. This work is being driven because Apple want the work done by June, and we still offer a large catalogue of apps.

20 of them have already been upgraded, submitted to Apple and approved. The pace of updates for the remainder will take longer, since most of these haven’t been updated since their last updates around 2010-2013 and need more work than those updated or released in more recent times.

Unfortunately for many, these updates involved us dropping support for iOS 4.3, and having to support iOS 5.1.1 as a minimum - just a limitation imposed on us.

Earlier editions will remain available of many of those earlier apps, but iOS 5.1.1 should be available to a broad range of legacy device users. It does mean we can’t support users of original iPhones, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2nd gen. I’m sorry about that. For those already with our apps installed on those devices, stick to what you have. For new content you can buy PDF and ePub books from a range of vendors which you’ll be able to use with applicable software on your device, and there is always our website you can visit for content and some tools.

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