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Back in 2008 we did our last limited print run of the FSpace Roleplaying Concise Rulebook 4.2. It was a digital print run which was wire bound.

Many copies were given to developers and the remainder have been sold, typically via the use of Trademe.

This week we sold our last copy to a buyer in Auckland, New Zealand.

With the trend of gamers buying PDF or similar ebook formats as a preference over printed books, we’ve not printed any more rulebooks in the country.

We still offer some of our titles in printed form via Lulu or via OneBookShelf/Lightning Source. And Noble Knight Games still have some printed books we shipped them for sale as well.

Its a great milestone for us to have achieved clearance of all physical book stock we printed. I have the odd development copy hanging around, and maybe in future 1 or 2 of them might make their way onto Trademe. We still have CDs and the like for sale via Trademe, but stocks of these are limited. Given the decline in the use of optical media for digital storage and the move to cloud based storage with the massive uptake of tablets and smartphones, we’ll also be limiting further production of these.

But the good news is ebooks of our products are available from a multitude of vendors, whether that is Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony, Paizo, Smashwords, iBookStore, Google Play, Onebookshelf, Kobo or Lulu. We’ll look for me channels in the future and keep you up to date.

Happy gaming.

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