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As you may have noticed, our website is changing. The main part of the site has received the start of its makeover, which is aimed mainly at WebKit (Safari, Chrome) and Firefox browsers. Modern Internet Explorer gets something similar, but still needs a few more tweaks to resolve a few issues. At least IE users should find the site slightly more usable than the prior one.

For those on Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6, we know a few extra problems exist and we’ll correct those as we can. We ran a test in Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac OSX to see what some older OSX PowerPC users might still be using, and found quite a few troubles with our new navigation bar. We’ll look into fixing it if we can. At least for Mac users we’ve tested as far back as Safari 4.0.5 and Firefox 3.6.8 and found the result close to the current browser experience.

The new makeover works better for iPad and iPhone users, but we intend making more changes to accommodate iPhone and other cellphone users to improve the experience.

he most significant changes in the coming weeks will be the replacement of our Flash based components which currently power our book flip previewer and overflow photo gallery instances. We’ll be replacing those with HTML5 based solutions, since Flash is dying a natural death and is no longer supported on lots of platforms, or our modules don;t work with modern flash if present.

We still have a couple of Java applets on the site, and it is our intention to eventually replace them, once we have viable solutions to do so.

We also have a non-functional word fractal map generator, which is an CGI that needs to be slightly reworked and recompiled for the current server. We’ll do that as soon as possible.

A few parts of the site remain in the old template, and we’ll get that adapted as soon as possible.

Let us know if you spot any problems with the site in the coming months, and eventually we’ll compile a list of testing browser/platforms combos and their level of compliance with the site.

Thanks for your patronage and support.

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