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Status: Beta

Little Eyeball can be located anywhere within known space, and best suits either worlds in the Imperium, The Solomani Confederation, non-aligned space or a myriad of small human empires. The religious evolution of the society doesn’t fit well with Zhodani mono-cultural practices.

UPP Statistics:

0406 Little Eyeball B 44173A-9 Na Pi Tz(Co) {0} (7697) [7658] D - - 400 Na M5 V

Animal Encounter Table:

1Ice worm1727+D6 Creep/burrowBody1010On ice sheet only. Will not attack
2Ice Lizard1655+D5WalkClaws/teeth1010On ice sheet only. Will attack only if threatened, otherwise will flee.
4 to 5Nothing
6Blizzard. If in or on ice sheet within 100km of Rim Mountains – a very strong ‘cyclone’ strength katablatic wind.

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