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Humanity has only been out in the stars for a brief time during the typical timelines players would currently be playing. Most Earth national founded colonies are nearby Sol, and the bulk of their populations are immigrants from Earth. At best in the years following the Serpenti War, the first generation of natives from these worlds are young adults and just beginning careers.

There is not enough time for any Terran world to have evolved as Little Eyeball is described.

Little Eyeball isn’t suitable for use as a colony by most of the races in known space, because some of them don’t have colonies or the physical conditions of the planet aren’t conducive to them living there. It might be suitable for Aronhi, but their interstellar expansion time is as limited as Terrans.

Therefore this world is more likely to be a world where the likes of humans have established an outpost with an intention to establish a colony in the future. As an tide locked small eyeball world in a derelict system around an M class dwarf star, it would draw scientific interest as a comparison with Proxima 3, since that is an artificially modified eyeball world with some striking differences, but some similarities. Scientists will be interesting in contrasting the two stellar systems to better understand the scope of engineering that went into Proxima 3.

A good place for this world would be far distant from Earth, but in the direction of the Coalition, fairly near its border. The semi-habitable nature of the world, its scientific value, and its proximity to a potential trade route Terrans could exploit into the Coalition could provide a lot of future leverage for Terrans wishing to undo the Draconian monopoly on trade between the Coalition and Terran space.

Such a trade route could explain the future population growth, and to a certain degree the independence of the world in the long run from its colonial origins. It would be good candidate for a long range German outpost, then colony given their interest in exploration along the Draconian trade corridor.

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