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One of the interesting things that emerged with human technological development was the enablement of the 3 parent family, where children could have the genetic traits of all their parents.

The capability evolved out of the medical procedures developed in the 21st century tp remedy mitochondrial disorder correction by replacing parental DNA with that of a donor, “essentially creating a three-parent child”.

Mitochondria are cellular structures responsible for 95 per cent of energy requirements. They are passed from mother to baby, and are the most common inherited metabolic disorders (affecting between one in 5000 and one in 8000 of the general population during the early 21st century).

The disorders, which causes defects in energy metabolism, heart and liver failure, blindness, deafness, loss of motor skills and early death, were incurable prior to this. However, they could be diagnosed during IVF embryo profiling. If unhealthy mitochondria from the mother’s egg cell is replaced with healthy mitochondria from a donor then the embryo could develop normally, the research shows. However, that did not mean the child would be the equal offspring of all three parents, as mitochondria contained less than one per cent of a person’s DNA. The child would not inherit any traits from the donor other than their metabolic processes.

By the late 21st century, this procedure had reduced the likelihood of these conditions appearing as the DNA responsible for many of them was lessened in the gene pool.

The procedure also sparked an idea in some relationship pairings involving 3 or more adults to make a blended child that contained DNA from at least 3 actual parents in the same ‘family’ unit. Some experimentation was undertaken mid century, and was condemned at the time. by the early 22nd century the stigma had gone as 3 adult unions became an accepted alternative arrangement, but generally only favoured by 0.001% of of the population. DNA blending based on the Mitochondria repair procedure became an accepted practice, and by the mid 22nd, further DNA blending involving main DNA had come about.

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