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Well this site has been around a long time. And this particular design iteration that you are seeing now is around 10 years old. How time flies.

Since this design was conceived we’ve removed frames, moved from CDML to PHP, moved from Filemaker to MySQL, changed server hardware and OS revision several times and bolted on some new features every couple of years.

But this site is showing its age, and I never invested the time to fix all its faults, like the IE div layout issues.

You’ll be pleased to know that a new design is in the works and it brings with it quite a few technical changes under the hood as well. We are also looking to remove all Flash components we’ve been using and replace them with modern HTML5 framework solutions to deliver that content. Along with the new rollout will be a continued investment into some new features, and expanded content.

While I’m not yet taking a mobile first approach, the rebuild will provide a structure on which I can explore the best mechanisms to take a mobile first approach and get you the best experience of our content whether on desktop or mobile.

Some our experiments with WebGL recently have shown a lot of promise in what will be possible in future years for interaction, but sadly Apple’s iOS as yet does not support WebGL in Safari or WebViews in apps. iOS can do it, but they have limited support to the iAds engine only. Hopefully with iOS 8 they’ll open it up, and then I can begin rollout of our initial WebGL work, and begin serious development in this area.

Expect the new site in February, although you might notice changes in the site leading up to that as I replace certain of the more modular sections of the site.

If there is anything specific you’d like to see delivered for the website this year, job me a line and I’ll be happy to consider the merits of your suggestions.

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