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As part of our improvement process of existing products we’ve done some updates to the Reference Manuals 2.0, 2.1 and the Concise Rulebook 4.2.

Reference Manual 2.1 has been updated to be a colour template book with some colour illustrations featuring, while the 2.0 edition remains the greyscale edition best suited for black and white printing.

The Concise Rulebook 4.2 has had some tweaks to add in more colorised illustrations, drop in a replacement concept piece done by George Loizou, and add a few extra text nuggets scattered around the book.

These updated editions are only available on the OneBookShelf network (RPGNow, DrivethruRPG) for now. Customers who purchased these at OneBookShelf previously can get the updates free of charge. Pricing has not changed for new purchases.

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