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We have as yet to get around to publishing any rules for fleet battles, let alone large scale warships. FSpaceRPG has been focussed on character level gaming, but we’ve had our eye on other aspects of science fiction gaming.

We’ve had some attempts at hand built model making for some of our starships, and this site contains several articles about our work in those areas.

With a recent gift from Gary of some Star Fleet Battles Klingon ships all painted in purple with glitter bits, I rather wondered if we could find some use for these fashion conscious Klingons (or maybe they are rentals in use by some distant relatives of the Hilton heirs!). I know Gary wanted to use them for a future tabletop battle once we had our fleet battle rules sorted.

But for now we’ll model the ships on our own starship board game grids and counters and see if what we made works. From the photos, we’re happy with the result.

So, while we don’t have our own fleet battle rules for the tabletop, there are some other systems out there you can use our products with. Our favourites from the past include Star Fleet Battles and Star Frontiers Nighthawks.

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