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One of the more interesting parts of roleplaying is having a go at scale miniature tabletop gaming, something many of those involved in using the Warhammer franchise are all too familiar with.

Our games can also be used in a miniature fashion, although our 1m square grid scale rules do mean a combat involving modern ranged weaponry might cover a rather extensive table. We provide some range markers and area of effect templates that work with our 3/4 inch scale board grids, although we also produce some 1 inch grids for use with other systems.

We don’t manufacture our own table top miniatures at the moment, but there are plenty of options out there. While gaming stores have been in decline in recent decades, there remain an excellent source of figures that can be with our board map grid products - namely Lego.

This wonderful product found in every main kids toy store provides an abundant range of figures for all sorts of gaming. They provide an excellent set of modern city dwellers, run a western set (lone Ranger), various super heroes, scifi (Star Wars, Galaxy Squad & classic Space), fantasy (Castle and Lord of the Rings) and a range of mini figures for all ocassions.

While I had some old city vehicles and figures in my collection from being a kid 30 years ago, I’ve recently starting collecting again to give my Lego figure collection a bit of variety for some future tabletop exploits.

Picture here are the figures from Castle set 70400, a quick set of 4 humans and a dog - the perfect set for a small group of roleplaying doing a bit of skirmish somewhere.

In this scene we’ve used our grass base map and some of our terrain counters. You can mix it up using Lego trees, treasure and other props that work on such a scale.

So dig out those toy boxes, grab some figures and host a BYOLF (Bring Your Own Lego Figure) roleplaying session.

If your kids are old enough and enjoy Lego then spend some time with them - introduce them to some basic gaming rules combined with the use of their own Lego - a great way to bond and teach kids some new skills.

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