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Oblivion is a great movie, and one of the better ones involving Tom Cruise in recent years.

I like this movie for its stark landscapes, straight forward plot and nice effects. The dragon fly inspired aircraft is a nice touch.

The movie has a plot that could very easily fall within the realm of something the Mechs in FSpace would do. The very scenario of mankind sending out an expedition to survey something odd, being captured, and then being turned into a clone army to aid in the decimation of humanity is something the Mechs will likely have tried.

The Mechs are cunning, and not only try and infiltrate victim technology, but also bend biological organisms to their one will. The Hunters (Trieons) and Orcoks are all examples.

While such an event is not in the current timeline for Earth, it is possible that one of the alternate universes in the FSpaceLynks stack contains a plot similar to this, which you could adventure in as part of the resistance, or you may be cross universe travellers stranded, who must infiltrate the Tet to acquire needed technology, at at the same time aid the rebels.

Or an idea within the existing universe, the players come across a world that has fallen victim to such a ploy, are attracted by a signal into space, are shot down and must survive to be rescued, or maybe not crash, but aid the rebels.

Also no one knows for sure how the Orcoks became a subject race of the Mechs - maybe they are enslaved clones, whose home world was taken over by such a ploy. Could their world still be out there? Could there still be surviving rebels?

Some interesting possibilities to use an Oblivion like plot.

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