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Status: Official

Since the launch of iOS 7 we’ve had a chance to test some of the existing apps on an iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

We’ve found that most of the apps function nearly as intended, largely because Apple’s APIs support running apps compiled pre-iOS 7 to run in the near original state. We’ve noticed the odd problem, but nothing too dramatic that requires urgent attention.

The big problem for us compiling for iOS 7 and making adjustments is that Apple’s Xcode 5 really make a mess of the Xcode 4.6 projects, and we have to correct a lot of things that Apple has now stuffed up for us. We’ll continue our slow rollout of apps updated to the new Xcode and make adjustments in it for iOS 7 purposes.

If anyone finds any particular show stoppers with our apps in iOS 7, please let us know directly. Thanks for your continuing support by buying our apps.

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