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Status: Official

As of today we’ve retired the following rulebooks from the iOS iTunes AppStore:

  • Reference Manual v1
  • Reference Manual v2
  • Reference Manual v2.1
  • NetRules v2

We’ve retired them as part of a consolidation process to offer up only a select set of iOS ebook apps that reduce our maintenance costs and increase the value to customers of the apps that remain.

In essence sales are far too low to continue maintaining the 50+ ebook apps we have in the store. a number of them are available in the iBookStore and with other vendors that appear to be a more popular choice.

We are overhauling both of the Concise rulebook apps to be renamed so one will be the latest Concise Rulebook and the other becomes a complete collection containing many of the books’ contents in an eventual unified layout. We’ll talk more about this work later.

We thank customers for their patronage of these apps to date, and we hope the current version continue to operate for years to come.

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