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I caught up with Philip Warnes and his wife Flo today while they visited Wellington as part of a short trip from Melbourne, where they now live.

We caught up at the Craftsman, a favourite haunt for the last few years. I like this small bar because it used to serve Mac’s Great White on tap and the jugs were cheap. I’m sad to say they’ve taken it off in favour of Lion Brown and don’t even stock Great White in bottles. I’m very disappointed and will scout around for a different bar unless they bring back something decent on tap.

We talked about Traveller mainly as Philip liked the Mongoose version,and even acquired a T5 ruleset. He doesn’t play it anymore, but is sounds like a nostalgia kick.

We took the time to visit the Fork and Brewer, the former site of the Bond Street Inn, where in the early 1990s FED RPG got kicked off, and we also played a fair amount of Traveller. We even managed to identify where our favourite table use to be, and one still sits in the same place. While we would have liked to sit there, the music noise from the sound system was too load and we opted to sit at a table where we could talk more.

Our conversation, while covering the history of our presence at the Bond Street Inn and the early years got back onto real world matters of our working lives, the economy and such.

A great time to catch up and have a chat.

Since many of the team members have moved all over the place it is great we spend such time together when we’re in the same neighbourhood.

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