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The privacy debate has become an important issue for users of mobile devices like iPhones. Many developers and systems are harvesting data and doing detailed tracking that goes far to far.

At FSpace Publications we’ve used Flurry Analytics in about 10% of our apps to date and actually found it to be of little value to us, and consequently of no value to improving products for you to use.

In the process we realise Flurry is harvesting a wealth of data about you the user, probably making money out of the process. Basically other people are making money out of the data about you, and should only be for the business intelligence of FSpace Publications.

We realise you don’t get something for nothing - and this is the trap of lots of these free services, whether those offered to developers, or those to consumers.

Over the next few months we intend to revise all our apps and remove the Flurry analytics tracking from our apps. This will be notified in any of the change notes for the release.

In future we might add some form of analytics back - but it will be of our own design, talking to our own server and for use by FSpace Publications alone. Its time we took a stand in protecting your privacy and ensuring these big analytics networks don’t harvest too much information.

As careful readers you may have noted in our Privacy Policy that we also use Google Analytics for the website. They provide far more details to us which is of more use - but again we might be reviewing the use of that service as well. Look out for an announcement about this later.

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