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We’d like to plead with the hacking community to leave us alone.

We are a small business who on average only earns no more than about $3000 per year in revenue from our products.

The actions of hackers has seen me invest a huge amount of time in repair and defense instead of making new products or building forums and other stuff for a gaming community here.

And attacks cost us extra traffic charges. New Zealand is several times more expensive than the USA to operate an internet business from. We are now paying more to keep this site running than we earn in revenue.

I plead with the hacking community to leave us alone - we’re small fry and just trying to make a go of being nice guys. We aren’t evil and greedy corporates. We need help not attacks.

For those that visit this site, we apologise for disruptions, we’re doing our best. And for those people still buying products, we thank you. Without that revenue stream we’d not be here. I hope you’ll continue to support us.

I really hope we can get back to normal and work on other products you want from us.

Martin Rait

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