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During December we embarked on a programme of work to begin converting all current versions of our books to the fixed layout ePubs used in the Apple iBookstore.

These kinds of ePubs give a faithful reproduction of the printed version of the book, in handy flipbook style format, while allowing for searchability and bookmarking.

They are a handy alternative to the ebook Apps we’ve delivered in the past to the AppStore for Apple’s iOS devices. You’ll even soon see titles that haven’t appeared as Apps.

A few of our titles in this new format begun to be released by Apple at Xmas and more are in the pipeline. We expect the majority of our titles to be out in January, with the larger rulebook being the last to come out.

The various eta files won’t be coming to the iBookstore and should be procured either as ebook Apps or ebooks in other formats from other vendors. Differences in software technology used makes it impractical for us to make them into fixed layout ePubs at this time.

So check out the Games-Roleplaying section of the iBookstore over the coming weeks.

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