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For all the Mobile device fans out there, you may been following that Nokia was considering a switch away from Symbian and MeeGo.

Speculation existed that they were considering Windows Phone7 or Android.

They’ve made their decision - Windows Phone 7.

This will for a short while give Windows Phone 7 a boost in market share. Nokia and Microsoft like to thing this makes the mobile space a 3 horse race (WP7, Android and iOS)

But will it last? Does WP7 have what it takes to command a reasonable slice? With MS porting normal Windows to ARM, WP7 won’t be aimed at tablets (unless Nokia try it), so it creates a distinct break in the Windows offering across mobile platforms.

If they can keep a large chunk of Nokia’s share it will mean WP7 will be a serious contender in terms of mobile application deployment, putting C# on the map as another core technology mobile devs need to know.

We’d wind up with Objective-C, C#, Java and HTML5/JS as the baseline skillsets to cover over iOS, RIM, Android, WP7, WebOS. Alternatively Flash could be a powerful tool for apps, whether web or in app packagers. This all depends on Adobe’s approach to WP7.

Anyway these kind of trends are worth watching, and making choices about where the FSpace suite of apps will be ported.

The bulk of our titles are available for iOS. We have a small number of MacOSX titles, but can port our existing library of iOS apps if we can solve the requirements for the MacAppStore.

Unfortunately we’ve used Objective-C as our core technology limiting code portability.

However we designed many of the iOS apps with the likes of future Android development in mind. At some point we hope to have a presence on that platform.

On Windows we don’t really have a software presence, but hope to in the future.

Well keep people posted as we continue to work.

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