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We’ve launched another product in our line of starship deckplan products - the Mitan modular transport.

This is a small trading vessels used by Martian traders throughout Terran space and typifies the idea of free trade commerce. It is a compact ship, easy to operate and ideal for players to operate and run for character level gaming.

The plans and specs are generic enough to used with a variety of RPGs other than FSpaceRPG and is a nice addition to any collection you might use.

A handmade deckplan in Photoshop, it doesn’t feature the typical elements found in other products derived from various CAD packages.

The maps are rendered in 600dpi, full colour as part of a 3.4 inch grid, with the ship plans being 3xA3 page panels for easy printing.

for a great companion product to run a boarding action on such a ship, check out the Boarding Action Scenario which will be launched later today at various vendors.

Get the Mitan deckplans today, check out the link below for links to your favorite vendor.

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