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The Turram Encounter managed to be squeezed into 3 hours, and was handled in a reasonable fashion under the circumstances.

As for sales we managed 4 CDs, and 6 Reference Manuals packs today.

We also gave 1 pack to KAPCON, 1 was drawn as a prize draw, and another given to our best player at the event.

I am pleased that in effect we’ve added about 20 new game owners here in New Zealand.

These additions are roleplayers and we had some positive feedback from those who purchased yesterday and read the rules overnight.

Our sales in NZ have topped our estimates, and we have stumbled on a good price point for the products at such events.

I agree not much profit exists, but for volume sales it is a good idea.

Thanks again to Stephen, and to others that helped on provided some ancilliary stock, and Andrew for getting my camaera back for a few days before he trials it.

Cheers, and here’s hoping for an even better time at CON WITH THE WIND.

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