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The product went commercial in the late 1990s domestically and has slowly expanded.

We also publish material for generic gaming purposes, and have other games coming. We've delivered our games mainly as ebooks, but also have a number of mobile apps available to assist your gaming, whether with our games or others.

This site provides information about our products, but is mainly aimed at providing support information, news and views. If you'd like to participate in some way, get hold us via our contact form.

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Philip Warnes has completed the writeup of Supplement 1 for SeaLion Supremacy, and it is now in the publication assembly phase.

Entitled 'The Forgotten Flotillas', it covers details for other vessels found in the main navies during World War 2, as well as detailed for other navies elsewhere in the world that either saw some action, or belonged to countries that remained neutral. A great expansion for more inept battles, or what if scenarios.

We expect to launch this near the end of November.

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