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New Zealander, Australian resident
Development status: Active
Based: Melbourne, Australia

Philip joined the FSpace team in 1991 shortly after it's formation. He has participated mainly as a playtester and many of the characters he used have been included in the game as NPCs. More recently his world building material is being included in some recently released products, and he continues to contribute to the materials available on the website.

His major role has been the prototype construction of starship minatures for use with the game and the development of some moulds to produce some of them for general development use.

Philip was also involved as the Technical Editor of their Meshan Sector Traveller product line under development from 2001-2002. He was also a contributor towards several issues of The Meshan Saga that appeared earlier.

Philip is a professional Geologist, holds a Masters degree and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia where he continues to work in this field.

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