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Many of you may be wondering what RPG rules our Far Frontiers supplements are compatible with.

All Far Frontiers supplements written by Philip Warnes prior to May 2017 are compatible with the Cepheus Engine RPG rules. He has confirmed any specification given is compatible with those rules. He also believes they are likely compatible with Stars Without Number (SWIN) as well.

We can also confirm several are based on world ideas originally written for Traveller New Era Meshan Sector when Philip was a member of the History of The Imperium Working Group New Zealand. Serkur, Ironside and Tibushi supplements have all been derived from his work - although their world history has been changed somewhat - you’ll have to get your hands on the original HIWGNZ documents to see the fit to TNE and any specs to do with that rule system. I’ll be reviewing with Philip those original documents and release them here on the website once they are sanitised of anything sensitive to the rights of others.

A few of the worlds on the supplements also appear in FSpaceRPG in different forms (check out Library Data 2177AD for mention of a handful).

As always the supplements can be adapted to virtually any game. They aren’t rules and specification heavy. It is really just a matter of whether the history of the colonists or natives of the worlds featured in the supplement fit into your campaign. If not, the native flora, fauna, geography and other aspects ill fit virtually any universe and you just have to change the populace history information.

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