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While Ziili is a hard world to fit into FSpaceRPG because of the lack of human colonial history (in the present campaign timeline, the world of Tempest fits in its raw form.

Tempest without TZC fits perfectly into FSpaceRPG. It is not a technological inhabited world, and represents an rare world that is not really suitable for habitation by Terrans or most of the species of known space.

Tempest represents one of those world humans will likely put a small orbital station around and send the old submersible probe into it’s oceans to begin exploration world, cataloguing its life forms and surveying from a distance the solid surface terrain with deep range sonar.

The mysteries of the deep will likely remain mysteries until more active measures are taken in the system.

We need to figure out where this system is located in our star maps and give you a more solid timeline in the future.

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