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Ziili and Tempest is a great example of a world that could be found on the edge of the Federation.

The building of resort worlds and the use of terraforming techniques is known to be commonly done by humans. The very commercial aspect of the world could be a holdover of remaining vices that humans have yet to shed. Who knows, maybe the Ferengi (or Orion Syndicate) secretly bankrolled the development of the casinos - or try to make moves to get in on the operations.

The political troubles on the world are certainly something of concern to Star Fleet - leading to good adventure opportunities.

The presence of a minor race of Tempest will certainly yield shocking consequences for TZC’s operations on that world. And their will be consequences for regarding the Prime Directive.

The use of cloning and genetic engineering mentioned may become a hot potato, as might the reality distortion drug in use by Yakuza.

A great world to use as ‘world of the week’ for a Star Fleet crew.

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