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The world of Feraerfon in the latest supplement written by Philip Warnes would a great Earth derived colony to have in a Star Trek setting.

While not particularly high tech for a Federation world, it represents one of those lifestyle choice worlds, where the inhabitants have chosen to have some anachronisms from a bygone era.

The real interesting point from a Federation perspective would be the dilemma caused by the presence of the Fereese. Imagine the embracement of finding after colonisation an undetected low tech humanoid species. Romulan and Klingon diplomats will use this to point out Federation hypocrisy and ask for sanctions.

Of course the Federation Prime Directive would be called into question and much debated once it is learnt the Fereese were once starfaring, came from elsewhere in the galaxy and have given up high technology completely.

Who did the Fereese flee from? Was it the Borg? If it was, what will the locals thing of Borg incursions into Federation space in recent times?

Either way, Feraerfon would make a great little world for a Trek setting.

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