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The latest Far Frontiers supplement written by Philip Warnes - Feraerfon can be used in FSpaceRPG with some adaptation.

FSpaceRPG doesn’t have the depth of colonial history portrayed in this Far Frontiers supplement, but the worlds presented themselves would fit well into an FSpace setting.

The world of Feraerfon itself is rather appealing as an earth-like world and its humanoid inhabitants would present an interesting encounter for an exploration party.

Philip’s description of the Fereese an how they came to Feraerfon is a classic tail of what might be expected of a race’s encounter with the Mechs. Anthropologists would be excited by the tales the Fereese have remembered, and may help to piece together a wider scope of the Mechs galactic history.

The Terran Alliance in the their quest for allies once they learn of these people, may try to also enlist the aid of these people and their psychic talents in their defence of the region by the current regime of the Stotatl Empire.

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