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During the later part of the 21st century, many nations still didn’t have their own space agencies, but wanted in to the space exploration being undertaken by the various spacefaring nations. While many nations have been very inclusive in their cooperation in space based endeavours, a coordination office that could represent smaller countries was formed within the United Nations umbrella.

The United Nations Exploration Office was formed. It was given funding from member states to help promote peaceful exploration of space and provide seed funding for research projects that would form the central core around which minor nations could seek participation in outer space activity.

With the increasing efforts needed to coordinate activities, the Office became the clearing house for registered exploration both by most national space agencies, UN funded efforts, non-profits and many corporate funded grants. The coordination allowed for schedules to be maintained, careful monitoring of resources available for rescue missions for teams in trouble, and streamlining of resources where activities were close by and overlapped.

The Office has no direct legal leverage and isn’t a space agency on its own, but its close ties with other UN agencies, main national space agencies (such as NASA and ESA/Eurospace) and various non-profits does give the office a certain amount of political leverage in space circles. As such its grants schemes receive a reasonable amount of patronage by corporate and private interests looking to offset direct politically motivated exploration coordination and funding.

The Office when taken into context with other UN agencies does show an increasing leaning towards some form of world government forming around aspects of UN structure. Many believe the UNEO could be absorbed into a bigger UN Space Administration Agency or similar should it be formed in the further.

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