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For those playing in a Star Trek environment, Serkur can either fit a Federation colony that slipped back, or a humanoid world that hasn’t unified yet. It is best located on the border of the Federation or one of the other empires.

The crashed alien ship should have a borg infiltrator presence on it instead of what is described in the supplement. The borg are the best fit for this kind of universe.

To give the right balance for the world, players wouldn’t be arriving in a full Federation starship, Klingon battlecruiser or Romulan Warbird. The firepower from such a ship would overpower locals and scale of initial takeover.

It would be best to have the players arrive on a warp shuttle or similar scale - nothing that can compete directly against the crashed alien ship if it was repaired, or sufficiently powerful that the local’s nukes and other air defence systems don’t pose a threat to the players.

To come out victorious in any scenario, a local faction or more in combination with the players will have to come through working as a team to get a victorious outcome, or ideally play a delaying game until more capable off world help arrives.

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