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The world of Serkur in the new Far Frontiers supplement can also be found in FSpaceRPG in a slightly different form.

You’ll find the world mentioned on page 27 of Library Data 2177AD, its moon mentioned on page 30 of the same guide, and again on page 8 of Federation Times, issue 13, where you’ll find a map of the moon, something not found in the Far Frontiers supplement.

If you ever read these materials, you’ll find the timeline for colonial formation and the writeup about the moon differs to both the original Traveller TNE writeup done for the HIWGNZ Meshan Sector work, and the release today of the generic Far Frontiers product.

It would be telling you too much right now to say how Serkur might evolve in the FSpaceRPG timeline - let’s just say it won’t be the same. We may have reused the world and borrow on some of its history for the future, but it is divergent.

But for those wanting a map of Serkur’s moon - the one in Fed Times is the actual official map for use both with our past Traveller work and our Far Frontiers product. At some point in the future we’ll release a Far Frontiers World Maps supplement with high resolution maps placed on A3 pages to give you better quality output for use in your gaming - at that time, Serkur’s moon map will be present.

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