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Recently some Terran interviewers asked Keldar, leader of the Black Andorians, whether his people could have done better or even won their great war against the Mechs if circumstances such as the death of his brother hadn’t happened.

Keldar was fairly frank with his answers:

‘We had superior technology, dedicated manpower and innovation happening at an astounding rate. In several key areas we totally outclassed them - our hyperdrive technology being one of those things.’

‘However my brother, being wise as he was had concerns at the great toll a war aimed at victory might bring upon the those who rallied to our cause, and those incident peoples who just happened to be in the way. He had an earlier plan that was both cunning, vicious and most of all very destructive. I shudder to think what putting that plan into action would have warped our race into becoming - maybe the demons your people associate our form with in your ancient texts. Fortunately my brother was not an evil soul and couldn’t bare to consider discussing that vile plan with more than a handful of strategists, who were also shocked by it. We turned away from it and thought of other plans to come out of the war alive.’

‘When planning our great defence for the end of war, he said the tactics he was adopting would spare the lives of countless trillions and give many species a chance to survive. He said the trick was for us to survive the war and allow our own people to continue past its conclusion in dignity. His sacrifice saved our homeworld and gave our engineers the chance to put into operation those defences which now guard current Coalition space and were instrumental in bringing the great war to its conclusion.’

‘I was told by one of his advisors that before he spoke to me, he had taken council with some old bard of a foreign race, and experienced a vision of the events that could have unfolded if he did not plan on a defensive strategy. I’m told he witnessed his defence of Andor failing and our homeworld reduced to asteroidal rubble, and the remains of our race fleeing beyond the rim to hide out in some distant dwarf galaxy.’

‘It saddens me to think we came so close to that vision of the future, even while we enacted a true defensive strategy.’

‘While my brother was an adventurer, an explorer, a thinker and a scientist, I will always remember him for that compassionate act that saved all the races like you. He is what your people would have called a ‘humanitarian’, and I’m very honoured to have known him and lived through those times with him.’

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