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ED: The following is a nugget to use as the basis of a scenario for a GM to developer. You may want to draw on some of the concepts from Pitch Black-Riddick to enhance, but differentiate the idea from the movie concepts. You could also draw on shades of the Aliens saga as well.

Take an ice world where the local life hibernates and waits for the next defrost cycle, where the elliptical orbit of the planet where they live warms the surface enough for life to emerge onto the surface, entering the adult lifecycle. Their adult lifecycle is a ravenous feeding and breeding period before laying eggs which hatch quickly and feed on the food of choice of the parent before burrowing down to a more standard diet off subsurface minerals to await the next call to the surface.

Now what if during a deep cycle, a mining operation setup on the surface and it set up shallow mining operations. Interesting scenerio if the metallic plastic environmental domes or structures were edible or tasty to the newly exposed creatures. One could write it as the mining crew/colony trying to survive the life cycle of this previous unknown lifeform, or the aftermath a team sent to investigate a lost settlement after a confusing SOS is sent, to find the aftermath and try to put the pieces together, and at the request of the Mining Company, evaluate the threat and determine how to prevent a re-occurance, or work out a way to elimate it. Or send people in as first contact specialists on the next hatch of this potential intelligent alien lifeform, if their is evidence they may be sentient.

Can these creatures be weaponised? Is there a existing Alien that would take an interest in preserving this lifeform in its unaltered state, or participate in the race to weaponise the creatures. Mech ships are of course huge rocks, what if the rocks could be infested with rock eating parasites, how quickly would the Mechs recognise the threat or turn it to their advantage. Living rock ships, might have better potential for types of travel and would simple organic minds effect the military stratergies of others?

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