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Since Philip is a Traveller fan, Tibushi was originally written by him to fit the Classic Traveller Meshan project.

The world has been rewritten since, but it retains the essence of the original writeup.

The stats for the system in 1110 & 1115 were: Tibushi 1704 C445000-8 Ba Lo Ni 002 Vl F5 V

The stats for the system in 1120 were: Tibushi 1704 C445000-8 C Ba Lo Ni 002 V5 F5 V

The original settlers were Vilani. The surface colonies were abandoned in 1098.

Despite being uninhabited, Tibushi does have a class C Starport. This is just a basic orbital facility that offers unrefined fuel only and very rudimentary repair and maintenance facilities. The Starport has been maintained for military reasons because if it were not there, then a whole chunk of the Vilani boarder would be exposed to Vargr corsair intrusions. A neighboring corsair base at Arrkfan is manned both by humans and Vargr.

The refueling station is a Vilani maintained facility with just the most basic of facilities, but even this is expensive to maintain. It is maintained so that a Jump 2 linkage can be kept open between the frontier with the Vargr and Vilani planets in the Lues Subsector (such as Azuran, Lassiir and Gvounglu).

By 1200 the orbital port had been destroyed reverting the world to an X class starport.

So this is yet another piece of the never released Traveller Classic & New Era Meshan Sector materials done by HIWG NZ members to be refactored into a generic supplement and launched to the public under our Far Frontiers supplement label. The cover art in its black and white form was a part of a paid set of art Aaron Barlow did on one of his last contracts with us before heading overseas to do TV and feature film animations. The art from that doomed Traveller Meshan project is being revamped for use in this Far Frontiers series - look out for some more in the upcoming Far Frontiers Serkur product.

Please note this is a commercial product, and while the text for Traveller above can be added to community documents, the contents of the commercial product cannot be - since they aren’t part of Traveller’s IP. Please support our authors and artists who put effort into the New Era work in the 1990s, 10 odd years ago on the CT project, and now more recently on getting the products to market for you. We appreciate every purchase.

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