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The background for Rhodora is not compatible with FSpaceRPG, and its unlikely any of the existing nations of Earth would set up a world with the kind of social structure described, even as a penal colony. Rhodora’s highlands are too much of a precious habitable resource to waste using as a potential site of a penal colony. Even the lowlands, while harsh, are not the kind of environment Terran could have done genetic engineering of the kind required in their short mere decades old interstellar appearance.

The world could be an intriguing colonial location, with scientific explorations looking at the lowland/highland disparity. IT’s likely Terran scientists would believe the highlands a remnant continents, with the lowlands being old ocean bottoms, and lots of exploration effort being performed to investigate that hypothesis and discover where and how the water concerned went, as well as investigate the fossil record to explain the hydrocarbon wealth of the world. Multinational scientific colonies could likely be established, each on the different highland continents, and they could at least follow the national divisions as presented by Philip.

How this world develops through the FSpace timeline will be interesting.

Look out in future for the official placement and description for the use of this world in the FSpaceRPG universe.

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