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In Star Wars a world like Rhodora wouldn’t have the ‘earthly’ historic linkage, but the entire background would fit naturally with the galactic variety of the Star Wars setting, and could be used as is.

Rhodora is the perfect kind of world to set up a Separatist vs Republic or Empire vs Rebel plot. Given the conditions the more mechanised side of the conflict (as as a Droid Army) might be supporting the lowlanders in derailing mining operations and slave labour of the highlanders, or using lowlander sabotage to set highland nations against each other with planted evidence. The Republic would probably be of two minds about the world, counselling them to give up their slavery practices, while at the same time trying to supply limited aid to resist the separatists.

Maybe the world could sit at a strategic point in the supply line routes for a campaign further away, and the Separatists are trying to gain enough control to establish suitable grind supported operations to support strikes at Republic forces using the system as a stop over in the supply line runs.

Or during the rebel phase, the Jedi may have left a secret training facility in the lowlands that an expedition must locate to retrieve some vital plans about a former Republic, no Empire facility elsewhere, with various highland nations in pursuit backed by Empire forces.

The possibilities are endless.

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